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James Carey / O.Two 

  • Born 1979, United Kingdom. London based.
  • James Carey, also working under the alias O.Two, creates work based on abstractions of the written type-form.
  • Originally studying graphic design and print, Carey is a self taught painter. Working initially with spray-paint on large scale murals, he has built a working process that when applied to canvas, lures the viewer into mists of dark, ambient colour illuminated by bold, abstract gestures and typographic motifs. Appropriated slogans, song lyrics, coded messages, pop-culture references and wordplay appear as disjointed type floating in clouds of colour.
  • Working across mediums including aerosol, enamel, oil and acrylic applied through a broad range of methods, Carey is interested in the unexpected formations of spilt paint. The unforeseen compositions that come from releasing paint vapour into the atmosphere and allowing it to settle on a surface. Compressed air, and projected paint are consistent distractions in the work – Paint is allowed to find it’s own place on the canvas. 

Momo (US)

MOMO is a San Francisco-born street artist, best known for his huge, playful, complex and brightly colored abstract murals. 

Born in 1974, the artist travelled most of his life. MOMO rarely settles in one place – for six years New York was his home, and afterwards he lived outside – in a cave for a year, in a truck for a year, and in a tent for a year. This lifestyle puts MOMO in some unusual situations – in 1999 he became part of a graffiti crew while living in Spain, found his characteristic use of color while employed in the Caribbean, and fell for outside art while living off the land.

MOMO’s thoughtful post-graffiti approach can be seen in some of the many examples of his artistic doings, such as over-sized outdoor collage, tide powered sculpture, a computer script which makes his art for him, and prints, paintings, and videos that mostly rely on chance.

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Momo, Niort 2014

Un dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante

Exposition collective de travaux sur papier .

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